Be a more Agile Attorney

Harness the tools of modern entrepreneurship to build a profitable, scalable, and sustainable practice for you and your community.

  • Do you feel like your practice is running you more than you are running your practice?

  • Does your team struggle to get its oars in the water at the same time?

  • Do you keep trying to improve things but can't quite make the progress you hope to see?

  • Do you worry that things might be falling through the cracks?

The Agile Solution

I'm John Grant, and I've spent nearly a decade unlocking the power of Agile methodologies specifically for legal teams.

Teams that adopt Agile practices report significant improvements in their:

  • Ability to manage changing priorities
  • Delivery speed
  • Team morale
  • Project visibility
  • Quality of deliverables
  • Control over costs
  • Personal productivity

"John was immensely helpful in helping me reflect on all that we had accomplished as a firm, why we were experiencing certain challenges as we grew, and what the logical next steps in our business should be. He helped me understand how important trust is to a team like ours and gave me strategies to get the best out of the people on my team."

Elizabeth Wozniak
North Star Immigration Law

Want a glimpse of how to make your practice more efficient?

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Bottleneck Breakthrough Jam

Getting law practices unstuck is what I do. I'm the guy who shows up with a toolbox full of contraptions that you've might have heard about but don't really know how they work I've spent my professional career not just learning how to use 'em, but how to pick the right one for the job. 


Consultations & Coaching

Let me point your practice in the right direction and identify where you are playing whack a mole. You can book a 1 hour consultation or sign up for an ongoing coaching plan.


Seminars & Workshops

Sign up for a deep dive into your practice (BBJ) or have me facilitate a workshop with your team.


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